I love to teach and have many years experience teaching every age from preschool children to adults. I enjoy visiting schools, and libraries and talking with children and adults about writing, reading and goal setting. Following are some presentation topics. I am willing to adapt these according to your current curriculum topics. Contact me if you would like to schedule a workshop.

For Spanish speakers : Si tienes estudiantes que hablan español, puedo dar las presentaciones tanto en español como inglés.

Creating a Fantasy World

From Middle Earth to Hogwarts, authors have created wonderful worlds of fantasy. Learn how you too can create a fantasy world grounded in reality. This is a hands-on workshop for young writers.

Magic of Words

Words are the tools an author uses to create the world within a book. I use demonstrations and readings from various authors to show how different words evoke different images in one's mind. 30-45 minutes. For Third grade and up. Material adapted to age of audience.

Autobiography of an Author

Brief overview of my life experiences, beginning from my childhood on a small farm in central Utah, to the publication of my Young Adult novel THE WHITE DOVE. Emphasis on writing and reading as a key in becoming a published author. 30-45 minutes. For Third grade and up. Material adapted to age of audience.


The Importance of Goal Setting: How to set goals. How goal setting has helped me become a published writer. Examples from autobiographies of people who have set and achieved goals in their lives. Students will be walked through the process of setting goals of their own. For Seventh grade and up. 45-60 minutes.

How a Book is Made

Process of publication from the idea to finished product, using the example of my YA novel THE WHITE DOVE. 30-45 minutes. For Third grade and up.

You Can Be a Published Writer!

Overview of publication process with emphasis on magazine article writing. Vocabulary of a writer, How to Write a Query Letter, Importance of Lead and Conclusion. Includes list of publications which accept submissions from young writers. For older students or adults who are seriously interested in writing and getting their work published. A single 45 minute session will only give a brief overview. This subject works best if it is expanded into a 1/2 day workshop, or 3-5 sessions (with required homework) over several days.

Leading Children to Reading

Presentation for parents with practical suggestions on how parents can help children develop a love of books and reading. I have a BA degree in English, and over 27 years experience as the mother of 10 children. 30-45 minutes.

Literature for the Home

Presentation for parents which includes tips and suggestions on how to choose the reading materials that surround your children each day. What constitutes a worthwhile book? What influence can books and magazines have on family life? What relevance do books have in an electronic age? What are some choices available? I include a list of books and magazines my own children have enjoyed through the years. 30-45 minutes.


$700 per day plus transportation and lodging.